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New Year's Day Arizona Cardinals wishes and open thread

It's a holiday and there is football on. Tell us about the day and your wishes.

Rob Stothard/Getty Images

It is 2015. It is a new year and it is when people begin to think about wishes and goals.

What do we want to see as Arizona Cardinals fans in 2015?

1. At minimum, we resolve to see postseason victories -- at least the one this weekend.

2. We resolve to have health -- a lot of it.

3. We resolve to win the NFC West

4. We resolve to figure out the future at quarterback.

5. We resolve to somehow for Larry Fitzgerald to stay in Arizona, get paid less (somehow) or at least have a lower cap number and be more productive than 2014.

6. We resolve to see Michael Floyd become a top receiver.

7. We resolve to have a running game!

8. We resolve to keep Todd Bowles, but if he can't, we resolve that he not take the 49ers job. We don't want to hate him.

Lastly, here is one from Christmas I never got around to sharing, but it is  funny (and sad).

Since it is a holiday, let us know how you rang in the new year. There will also be a lot of college football on TV today. Use this as an open thread. Oh, and Happy New Year! 2014 was great for the Cardinals and ROTB. Let's have an even better 2015.