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Dick LeBeau, Bruce Arians reportedly discuss spot on AZ Cardinals staff for former Steelers DC

Could the legendary defensive coordinator join the Cardinals?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it didn't take long to amp up the chatter about the Arizona Cardinals. Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is a head coaching candidate. Dick LeBeau resigned from his position as defensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Immediately, discussion about whether LeBeau would become the Cardinals new defensive coordinator should Bowles take a head coaching gig.

Many in the media downplayed it, but now there is reason to discuss it some more.

Reporter Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported LeBeau did in fact speak with Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians about perhaps joining the Arizona staff.

What we don't know is in what capacity the two discussed LeBeau filling. That's the fun part.

Was it Arians discussing with the legendary coach the possibility of becoming defensive coordinator should Todd Bowles get hired as a head coach? Would it be in an advisor position or a senior assistant?

Local reporter and radio host Mike Jurecki reported it is not likely to be defensive coordinator, but more as a defensive version of Tom Moore. Moore is assistant head coach -- offense.

LeBeau would be quite the addition to a staff that has some age. Arians is 61, but he also has 76-year old assistant head coach Tom Moore and 79-year old pass rushing coach Tom Pratt on the staff. Add the 77-year old LeBeau and imagine the football stories to be told.

Arians and LeBeau worked together on the Steelers staff for years when Arians was a position coach and then offensive coordinator until 2012. LeBeau was DC in Pittsburgh from 2004-2014.

AZCentral's Kent Somers did  note LeBeau has never coached anywhere west of the Mississippi, stating "Just because Arians, LeBeau talked doesn't mean he's coming."

Would you welcome this addition to the Cardinals staff? What if he were named defensive coordinator? What could he add as a senior assistant?

If you had a choice, would you prefer Bowles or LeBeau as defensive coordinator for the following season?