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2015 NFL mock draft: Mel Kiper projects Melvin Gordon to Arizona Cardinals

The ESPN draft guru calls Gordon like Ellington, only better.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It is the beginning of mock draft season. It will be fun for some, boring and annoying for others. But I can't ignore Mel Kiper. The Internet explodes when he puts out his mock drafts. He wrote his first one. It has the two big time QB prospects -- Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota -- going at the top.

What about the Arizona Cardinals at No. 24?

Kiper has the Cardinals taking the explosive Wisconsin running back, Melvin Gordon.

There have been exactly zero running backs selected in the first round over the past two drafts, but Gordon is certainly worthy of breaking that streak. The Cardinals front office has done a great job piecing together this roster, as evidenced by the fact that they were as competitive as they were given the health problems at quarterback, and while Gordon might sound like a luxury pick, he's really not if you consider how much explosiveness was lost when Andre Ellington got hurt. If you rely on a player such as Ellington, it's good to have another player like him. Gordon is that -- only better. Ultra-explosive when he finds space, he runs with patience and vision and can outrun the field when he gets a crease, a big reason why he averaged 7.5 yards per carry even when everybody knew he was getting the ball. He's just what this offense needs, assuming they get back a healthy Carson Palmer.

It's exciting to see something like this -- like Ellington, only better.

The only thing is I personally don't see the Cardinals taking a running back early, but Gordon might be too hard to pass up. Of course, it would be tempting fate. Arizona has not had a running back drafted in the first or second round ever really pan out for the team. The list is depressing.

Who was available still at No. 24? Tackle Andrus Peat, son of former Cardinals offensive lineman Todd Peat, is drafted with the 25th pick. There is defensive tackle Jordan Phillips. Linebacker Benardrick McKinney is available.

It's early in draft season, but how would you like a selection of Gordon?