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Michael Bidwill believes Larry Fitzgerald will be back with Arizona Cardinals in 2015

The team president feels they will be able to work things out.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The topic continues to be a topic for the Arizona Cardinals. Has star receiver Larry Fitzgerald played his final game with the Cardinals? His production is down and his salary cap number is preposterously large for the 2015 season. Things will have to be sorted out.

However, team president Michael Bidwill is confident Fitz will be back and will be around for many more years,

He was on KTAR 92.3 FM on the Mac and Gaydos show and was asked his thoughts on the Fitz situation, specifically whether or not Fitz would be a Cardinal for the 2015 season.

"I think he will," Bidwill responded. "We've said all along that we want to see him retire a Cardinal, and that's many years off, and I'm sure we'll get it worked out."

He indicated discussions between general manager Steve Keim and Larry Fitzgerald's agent have begun. Bidwill was confident the situation here is perfect for everyone involved to be able to work around the burdensome contract.

"I think this is home, I think he loves Arizona, I think he loves the Cardinals, I think he loves what we're doing," Bidwill said. "We're a good football team. Without getting into too much, I think it's perfect for us and it's perfect for him, and we should be able to work this out."

Fans certainly want Fitz to return. He is the face of the team and has been for many years. It would be strange to see him playing in a different uniform. While his production has been down, you can still see the impact he has on offense, as the offense seemed to fall apart when he missed a couple of games with a knee injury he suffered.

It would be hard to imagine a Cardinals team without Fitz.