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Super Bowl 49: Patriots to use Cardinals facility, Seahawks are home team in big game

The Pats will use the Cardinals locker room...for practice.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest things that Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians used as a motivating point all season was not letting any other team dress in their locker room for the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLIX is now set and the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will play for this season's championship.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, it will be the Pats who will use the Cardinals locker room, but not at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The AFC team -- the Pats -- will use the Cardinals team facility in Tempe. The Seahawks will practice at ASU. There was some worry that the Seahawks would be at the Cardinals facility and some think Richard Sherman would do something inflammatory like take a picture in Patrick Peterson's locker.

Seattle, though, will be the home team at the Super Bowl, which means they get to choose what uniforms they want.

Getting back to the original sentence in this article, that motivating point is technically moot. In University of Phoenix Stadium, as Mike Jurecki pointed out, there are three locker rooms. (I didn't know this.) So at least for the game itself, no team will dress in the Cardinals locker room.

When the stadium was built, it was always expected it would host neutral site games -- bowl games, Super Bowls, etc. It makes sense there would be three locker rooms, so college teams and other teams would not have access to the Cardinals' part of the stadium.

So no need to worry. The Seahawks will not be using the Cardinals locker room at any point over the next two weeks. And perhaps Bruce Arians just didn't know it, but no one was ever going to dress in the Cardinals locker room at the stadium.