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Super Bowl 49: Thoughts on Patriots, Seahawks and their victories

The big game matchup is set.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks completed an amazing comeback to clinch a spot in the Super Bowl. They rallied from down 16- 0 to win 28-22 in overtime over the Green Bay Packers. The New England Patriots obliterated the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 to earn the AFC spot.

Here are some of my thoughts from the games on Sunday.

  • As an Arizona Cardinals fan, seeing Seattle go to the Super Bowl again is awful. Having the game here will be even worse. Seattle fans will be everywhere. Yuck.
  • I normally dislike greatly the Patriots, but since I didn't think the Colts would have a chance to beat Seattle, I was rooting for the Pats to move on.
  • I think the Pats can handle Seattle. Green Bay almost had them and they were playing in Seattle. New England at a neutral site? I like their chances.
  • Colin Cowherd said it on his radio show on Friday, but Brady needs this Super Bowl badly. This is the best roster the Pats have had in years. It might be his last real shot at a ring.
  • Andrew Luck is going to completely dominate the AFC for a long time. Look at what the Colts accomplished with a team that just isn't very good. They don't get good line play. The running game was a mess. The defense is not good. It is Andrew Luck's play that is the difference.
  • Carson Palmer proved you can win in Seattle despite throwing four interceptions. I guess Russell Wilson took that to heart.
  • I'm not going to second-guess the first half decisions by Mike McCarthy to kick field goals rather than go for the touchdown. There were too many other late-game events to question those. Against an elite defense like the Seahawks, you don't want to risk getting no points.
  • That said, Green Bay really screwed up. The first bad decision late in the game was when Morgan Burnett intercepted Russell Wilson and just went to the ground. With over five minutes left, Green Bay wasn't going to be able to run out the clock. He should have run with the interception to see how much better field position  the Packers could have gotten. I get avoiding a fumble, but really the only time you should go down when there is open field in front of you is when you are simply securing the victory. Green Bay was not in that position yet.
  • What was Ha Ha Clinton-Dix doing on the two-point conversion? That ended up being the difference maker. He basically just watched the ball float into the receiver's hands for the two points. He was in a position and had time to make a play on the ball. If that two-point conversion isn't good, Mason Crosby's field goal doesn't tie the game. It wins it.
  • What's the thing coaches say? DO YOUR JOB! On the onside kick attempt by the Seahawks, Brandon Bostick's job was to block. He had Jordy Nelson behind him. Bostick's job was to keep Nelson clean so he could do what he does -- catch footballs. Instead, Bostick thought he could catch it. Bounce! The ball went through his hands and hit his helmet. Then, the Seahawks recovered the ball. DO YOUR JOB!
  • Russell Wilson made big time, grown up throws in overtime. That was impressive, even if it was horrible to watch. And his trust in Kearse was just as impressive. Wilson's four interceptions all came on throws to Kearse. The last throw to Kearse won the game.
  • Are you with me? Go Pats! I can't bear to go for another year with Seahawks fans gloating about their championship.