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Poll: Who is the Cardinals 2014 MVP?

The 2014 campaign was somewhat successful for the Cardinals, but obviously there are many what ifs around the season.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

2014 was one of the best seasons in Cardinal history. While it was so successful, there was still plenty of questions. What if Carson Palmer did not get injured? What if Drew Stanton did not get injured? Carson Palmer was 6-0 in games he started, Drew Stanton was 5-3 in his. Does Carson Palmer deserve an MVP bid? I don't know, that is why I deliver five options for the MVP bid, and you choose the team MVP.

Drew Stanton:

When most teams revert to their back up quarterback, there is an obvious drop off for the team. While we knew the drop off was there, Stanton went 5-3 in eight starts, and pulled a come from behind win against the Rams when Palmer went down. He showed poise, and smarts, while also making the backup errors. Was he the glue that held the team from collapse?

John Brown:

His stats were not eye popping, but it's four of his five scores that were huge. He had four game winning scores or go ahead scores, and that is why I put him on this list. He certainly had some large drops (see Seattle and at San Francisco), which could have helped shape those games, but those can be attributed to being a rookie. He's a longshot to secure your MVP vote, but he's an interesting option.

Jared Veldheer:

It's been so long since the Cardinals have had a competent left tackle. The Cardinals finally acquired him last season. Veldheer did not miss a single snap on the offensive line. He played 611 pass blocking snaps, allowing 25 pressures and one sack. Impressive right? After the Cardinals used high draft picks on Levi Brown (5th overall 2007) and Leonard Davis (2nd overall 2001), both flopped. Veldheer has easily become the Cardinals best left tackle since Lomas Brown.

Antonio Cromartie:

Cromartie was easily the second best free agent pick up last season. He was brought in with a similar contract that the team gave Karlos Dansby in 2013. Cromartie repaid the team with three interceptions, and outplayed counterpart Patrick Peterson. Cromartie will probably follow the money, similar to what Dansby did, leaving Arizona to find someone to fill his void.

Larry Foote:

When Daryl Washington was suspended the full season for not reporting to multiple drug tests, the Cardinals desperately needed someone to replace him. Kevin Minter was an unknown quantity, and there were no inside backers with any sort of experience on the roster. Foote came in and our expectations were not so high. However he outperformed them for much of the season, before his age finally caught up and reared its ugly head at the end of the season.

So who's your pick? Obviously there are plenty of options, so you are free to choose from the rest of the roster.