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Poll: Who is the Cardinals Offensive Player of 2014?

We now have the results for the teams 2014 MVP, who stands as the Offensive Player?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we ran the poll to see who the fans thought deserved the team MVP for the 2014 season. The winner ran away with the win, securing 59% (as of 12am Wednesday morning) of the votes. The winner? Jared Veldheer. Out of the four other candidates, Veldheer was probably the most likely pick. In years past, no one on the offensive line deserved any sort of consideration. It usually went to Fitzgerald or Beanie Wells in 2011. This year it went from the skill positions, to the guys who only get recognized for being horrible.

In order to keep things interesting, I'll remove Veldheer from the five player options. You can of course vote for him with the "Other" pick in the poll. Lets get this underway.

Carson Palmer:

The obvious choice, in six games he recorded 11 TD's, 1626 yards, and only three picks. You put that in a full 16 game, you get 30 touchdowns, 4336 yards, and eight interceptions. That's not at all bad for a 35 year old veteran who has been called another USC bust. When he went down with injury the second time, he was finding his groove but you could see the four weeks without practice early in the season were a factor in his timing with his receivers.

Drew Stanton:

It's not common that you can have your starting quarterback and your backup vying for the coveted ROTB Offensive Player award. This was the case this year however, as Drew Stanton started eight games. In those eight games, he managed 1711 yards, seven scores to his five picks. His biggest problem was he did not go through his progressions. He was caught staring down his guy far too often, and that's how all five interceptions came to be. We saw he was a backup for a reason, but going 5-3 in those eight games was spectacular.

John Brown:

The rookie receiver was a lot of buzz coming out of offseason workouts, and many were wary if we should trust the hype of another rookie receiver. He did not let the fanbase down however. After catching the game winning touchdown in week one, and followed that up with a two scores a couple of weeks later, he showed us he was a playmaker. He could be an option for the ROTB ROY award as well.

Larry Fitzgerald:

Fitzgerald showed his age this season, by not being able to produce with all quarterbacks he played with. He scored twice, and was on pace to top 1000 yards for the first time since 2011, but with the injury to Carson Palmer, and then the injury to himself, he recorded his worst stat line since his rookie year. He was however, his usual self, not commenting on his lack of targets the first week, and just being the humble guy the fans know. Like his pro bowl bids, does he get the offensive player of the year just out of respect?

Chandler Catanzaro:

I'll put him under an offensive player for his work on field goals. He started the regular season 17/17 setting the record for a rookie. He missed what could have tied the most consecutive field goals to start a career. (18) Catanzaro did have the rough spell in the middle of the season, but he overcame it to finish 7/7. He was calm, cool, and collected even during the rough patch, which he credited to his playing time at Clemson.Catanzaro did lead the team with 114 points.

So who is your pick? Does Palmer get it for just 6 games? Catanzaro for being our leading scorer? You vote!