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Arizona Cardinals news 1/22: Pro Bowl rosters set, more DeflateGate

Your Thursday morning Cardinals and NFL news.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We're back! The Pro Bowl rosters are set and there was a lot more talk about deflated balls and the Pats. Read away!


Cardinals Blogs | LeBeau as linebackers coach?
Getting LeBeau, like adding Tom Moore once upon a time, would be a big deal for the Cardinals.

Calais Campbell's $1.6M Gift To His School
Defensive end endows football scholarship at University of Miami

Cardinals Remain Pro Bowl Teammates
After draft ahead of game in Arizona, Team Carter collects all four Cards

Cards' new defensive coordinator will sway Antonio Cromartie decision - ESPN
Who Arizona’s next defensive coordinator is will influence cornerback Antonio Cromartie’s decision to return to the Cardinals -- if they want him.

Pittsburgh Steelers reporter: Location may steer Dick LeBeau away from Arizona job

Dulac said if LeBeau does join the Arizona staff it will be likely be in an overseer-type role, similar to what Tom Moore is currently doing.


Everything you need to know about the Patriots and DeflateGate -

From the science of inflating footballs to the complicated rules and regulations governing how the balls are handled to the potential punishment facing the New England Patriots ... there's a lot to unpack about the NFL's latest scandal.

A definitive guide to ridiculous Patriots DeflateGate conspiracy theories -

The NFL found 11 of 12 Patriots footballs to be underinflated in the AFC Championship game. Here we organize the real* theories and speculation that definitely did not lead to this conclusion.(*Not...

Colts suspected deflated balls after regular season Patriots game -

The Colts had good reason to be suspicious of the Patriots ahead of the AFC Championship. According to ESPN, the Colts notified the league that the Pats may have been deflating balls after their Nov. 16 matchup during the regular season.

The Steeler defense can return to dominance, but only with change -

Was Mike Tomlin right that the days of the Steel Curtain are over? How can the Steelers adapt to the spread passing game in the NFL?

Miami Hurricanes players Phillip Dorsett, Clive Walford stealing the show at the Senior Bowl -

The U may have only been 6-7 this season, but two of their best offensive players are showing off in front of NFL coaches and evaluators.

How the Patriots are toying with the NFL's rulebook -- and winning -

As the NFL season reaches its climax, the Patriots are getting creative and playful with a rule most teams take for granted.

The Carver Mobb: New York City's street football league isn't the Super Bowl. It's something much more important. -

When Carver Mobb plays for championships, it's not the Super Bowl. It's something much more important.

Pro Bowl 2015: Andrew Luck, Tony Romo drafted first by captains -

The pool of Pro Bowl players is all set and captains Cris Carter and Michael Irvin finalized their teams in a draft on Wednesday night with the game kicking off Sunday.

Adam Gase hired as Bears' offensive coordinator -

Gase follows John Fox from Denver to help right the Chicago offense.

Senior Bowl Day 2 practice report: Top players La'el Collins, Danny Shelton play as expected -

Arguably the two best players at the Senior Bowl lived up to the hype on Wednesday.

Brad Johnson paid $7,500 to have footballs altered in Super Bowl XXXVII -

The former Buccaneers quarterback, who led the team to a victory in Super Bowl XXXVII, says he broke a rule to make sure the footballs in the game were more comfortable in his hand.