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2015 Pro Bowl: Calais Campbell playing through sports hernia

The defensive end wanted to play in the game so is postponing surgery.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week has been a week of practice for players in the 2015 Pro Bowl. The game will be here in Arizona, played at University of Phoenix Stadium on Sunday. For Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell, it his first Pro Bowl appearance. He was so honored to be selected and so excited to be part of the group that he even has postponed taking care of an injury until after the game.

Campbell told reporters (via ESPN's Josh Weinfuss) he will have surgery to repair a sports hernia in February.

"Easy recovery though but it definitely hurts playing through," Campbell said at the Arizona Biltmore after he was chosen in the Pro Bowl draft. "But I figured if I could play through a playoff game I could play through the Pro Bowl."

Campbell is enjoying himself this week, saying "I could get used to this," he said after practice on Friday. "I could definitely see myself doing this again some time."

Campbell is united with three Cardinals teammates -- Patrick Peterson, Antonio Cromartie and Justin Bethel on Team Carter, the team drafted by Cris Carter. They will face Team Irvin (Michael Irvin's selected team) on Sunday in the actual game. It will be televised on ESPN.

The players on the winning team will earn $58,000. The players on the losing squad will be paid $29,000.