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Larry Fitzgerald contract: Arizona Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill tells fans to 'relax a little bit'

The team president is confident it will get worked out.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As we know, perhaps the biggest question for the Arizona Cardinals in this offseason is what will happen with star receiver Larry Fitzgerald and his contract. His contract calls for an $8 million roster bonus and an $8 million salary for 2015, and his deal carries $23.6 million salary cap hit for this upcoming season.

The contract has to be addressed, whether it is in the form of releasing him, trading him or redoing his deal.

While reports have already come out from both sides, Arizona Cardinals team president is talking like Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers -- relax!

He was a guest on the Big Red Rage, the team's official podcast and addressed the Fitz contract issue, telling everything nothing is imminent, but things will happen "at the appropriate time."

"Right here, right now I think there is definitely mutual interest in getting something worked out," Bidwill said. "Larry and I have had conversations. I know he's had conversations with Bruce (Arians) and Steve Keim. (Larry) is traveling right now, but I think at the appropriate time we'll get this worked out.

"I know that our fans are anxious and lot of media is out there talking about things, but I'd just say, ‘Everyone, relax a little bit.' We'll get this worked out. I feel good about it. My goal from the beginning was to have Larry Fitzgerald retire as a Cardinal when he is ready to retire, and that's many years from now. I am feeling confident something will get worked out."

There is a bit more than a month before something has to get done. We know that contract negotiations typically go right until the final hour.

If Bidwill is right, we should expect something later rather than sooner, especially since Fitz is taking his time off. He will probably be around for the week leading up to the Super Bowl, but who knows after that?

In his appearance on the podcast, Bidwill also discussed the changes in the defensive staff and how there are names being discussed that have not been publicly mentioned. He talked about possible extensions for Steve Keim and Bruce Arians. He talked about Kurt Warner and his Hall of Fame chances. There was discussion of the Super Bowl, Calais Campbell and more.

Listen to the whole thing with the player below.