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ROTB Roundtable: Defensive Coordinator, Larry Fitzgerald, and Draft Methods

With one week left before the Superbowl, Cardinals-related news has quieted in anticipation of the coming off-season.

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However, questions still remain about the team.  The ROTB Writing Staff took a swing at three of these.

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1) Who would you like to see hired to replace Todd Bowles as DC?

Jesse Reynolds: I don't have a favorite, I would love to hire Lebeau but I have a feeling he wants to take less responsibility so I would prefer an internal hire with Lebeau mentoring and guiding our guy. I have confident in Keim, he's been batting 1000 with coach hires.

Jess Root: I like the idea of a guy from the staff being promoted with a senior defensive advisor with experience. If LeBeau joins the staff, I imagine James Bettcher will be the guy, unless Nick Rapone, who has already been a DC in college, is closely aligned with LeBeau.

Skii: From what I'm hearing, Lebeau won't be coming to take a huge position, so like Jess said, perhaps someone who's already on the staff could be promoted.

2) How confident are you that the Larry Fitzgerald contract situation will work itself out?  And in the case that he does end up leaving, how much of an impact do you think it will have on the 2015 season?

Jesse Reynolds: I think Larry is going to leave. He believes he is worth his bloated contract and the Cardinals need to find a solution because his cap number is outrageous. Cardinals cannot continue to kick the can down the road on this, not if we want to remain competitive in the division the next few years.

Jess Root: I think it will. I think if he leaves it will be huge. I said it on the podcast -- I don't think the Cards can win a Super Bowl without him. They need Fitz the player and they need Fitz the person.

Skii: I feel like it'll work out.  He's the face of the franchise, and all these years he's been talking about staying a career Cardinal.  I also feel like his worth to the team has been underappreciated these last few years.  Sure, his productivity seems like it has dropped, but what he brings on the field as a leader is undeniably valuable.

However, if the time comes for him to move on, I trust Keim to find a suitable replacement.

3) In this upcoming draft, do you think the Cardinals should draft by need, or by the "BPA" (best player available) method?

Jesse Reynolds: Our roster is well built, we have weaknesses like at LB, interior OL and RB but no position is in dire need so I hope we go BPA that fits. Like Cooper two years back, while he hasn't panned out as of yet I think the pick was solid. He was a top ranked athlete and a position of need. I foresee another pick of a guy who is a top athlete and meets a need, even if the need isn't a top need, like Bucannon last year. We had Matheiu, Johnson, and Jefferson, a solid trio yet we went with Buc. So I wouldn't be surprised if we grabbed a CB despite our bigger need for LBs and OL.

Jess Root: Like I say every year, it is a mix of both you have to use. If two players are graded nearly the same, then you pick the guy at the position of need.

Skii: You definitely don't want to draft while ignoring all your needs, but at the same time, BPA prevents reaching for draft picks, something the Cardinals have done repeatedly in the past.