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2015 Pro Bowl results: Team Carter falls 32-28, Antonio Cromartie and Patrick Peterson almost get pick, Campbell almost gets sack

A look at how the Cardinals players did in the Pro Bowl at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

A lot of people hated it, but the NFL saw the Pro Bowl played in front of more than 63,000 fans at University of Phoenix Stadium. The four Arizona Cardinals players in the game did not experience victory as Team Carter, the team Hall of Famer Cris Carter put together, fell 32-28 to Team Irvin, the team drafted by Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, on Sunday night.

On the stat sheet, there wasn't much to see from the four Cardinals players -- Calais Campbell, Antonio Cromartie, Patrick Peterson and Justin Bethel.

Campbell did not amass any stats. Neither did Bethel. Peterson was credited with a pair of tackles, while Cromartie was credited with one tackle and a pair of passes defensed.

The winning touchdown by Team Irvin to Jimmy Graham was defended by Cromartie.

But what is being talked about is the play that neither Cromartie nor Peterson could make -- a missed interception.

An errant Matt Ryan pass went where there was no offensive player. Cromartie and Peterson were both in the area. The ball went through Cro's hands and was barely tipped. Peterson then had a chance at the ball as well, but the tipped ball fell a little short of his hands, falling harmlessly to the ground in the end zone. Here's the video.

Cromartie said he dropped three interceptions in the game. "Man, I dropped three interceptions," he said after the game. "That's not me. I should be having defensive player of the game right now. I should be getting ready to get my truck." He was referring to the truck the MVP gets.

Calais Campbell didn't get any tackles or sacks, but almost did early in the game. He had a chance to sack Mathew Stafford, but Stafford eluded him.