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1/28 Arizona Cardinals news: Crazy media day coverage, Warner calm about HOF

Your daily news update of the Cardinals and NFL

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Interview Sound, Signifying Nothing
Lynch situation underscores the mixed feelings players have with talking to media

Cardinals Blogs | On Hall, Warner will "let it play out"
If Warner doesn't get in, it shouldn't diminish his accomplishments

Watching the Enemy — Arizona Birdgang Podcast
The latest Bidrdgang podcast talks offseason.

Arizona Cardinals' coaching staff to be finalized post-Super Bowl
All indications point to an in-house hire, which means new position coaches too

Arizona Cardinals Season in Review: The Overview
Compilation of the positional reviews

Seattle Seahawks LB O'Brien Schofield at peace with Arizona Cardinals - ESPN
The former Cards pass rusher seems to harbor some anger towards the organization

Arizona Cardinals QB Drew Stanton expects to be healed by April - ESPN
Arizona Cardinals backup quarterback Drew Stanton expects to be healed from knee injury by April.


Breaking Madden: The Super Bowl -
What happens when a team of 5-foot-tall Seahawks take on a squad of 400-pound Patriots? The Breaking Madden finale finds out.

Marshawn Lynch is the Seahawks -
And the Seahawks are Marshawn Lynch.

9 things we learned at Super Bowl Media Day -
We're here so we won't get fined.

Marshawn Lynch deserves a statue -
Much of the media is calling for Lynch to be fined. I say, give the man a raise.

Richard Sherman is angry with Roger Goodell, and, no, you can't be in the Legion of Boom -
Richard Sherman penned another column for Sports Illustrated and the MMQB, and was more candid than ever.

Super Bowl picks and predictions: Seahawks, Patriots have experts divided -
Get ready for Super Bowl 49 with our picks for the big game on Feb. 1.

Richard Sherman thinks NFL personnel should get the Marshawn Lynch treatment -
We approve.