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Super Bowl 2015: O'Brien Schofield claims he got cold shoulder from likely new Cardinals DC after release

The former Cardinals draft pick reveals something about the man expected to become the team's new defensive coordinator.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman O'Brien Schofield is one of two former Cardinals players to be in the Super Bowl this weekend. On Media Day, he had some interesting things to say about how things went down to make him a former Cardinal.

Schofield was cut the first day of training camp in 2013 with the new coaching staff of Bruce Arians, Todd Bowles and others. He was released to make room for John Abraham.

In an article by ESPN's Josh Weinfuss, Schofield was surprised at how he was treated on the way out. His position coach, who would have been James Bettcher -- the man expected to be named the Cardinals' new defensive coordinator next week -- completely blew Schofield off after he was let go by the team.

"My coach walked past me like he didn't even see me," Schofield said. "I was just like, ‘OK, however that works,' but it's funny. It's funny now. It's really funny now. I'm hoping to laugh a little bit harder after Sunday's game."

Schofield gloated a little bit about how he is a Super Bowl champ (he was with Seattle last season) and could repeat.

This isn't the first time he publicly spoke about how things played out once the new coaching staff was in place. Originally drafted by Ken Whisenhunt, Schofield apparently didn't seem to be in the current regime's plans.

Schofield said in an interview not long after he signed with Seattle "the whole mood toward me changed, so I knew what was going on."

He claimed during offseason workouts with Arians, Bowles and their staff he was made to work out with the rookies, not the veterans.

Things have worked out for him. he played for a championship team.

You can hardly fault the Cardinals, though. The man who replaced Schofield -- Abraham -- was very good in 2013, collecting 11.5 sacks. Schofield has mostly been a special teams player. He had three sacks in two seasons with th eSeahawks, but has been very versatile. He has played linebacker and three defensive line positions.

Schofield likes the idea of winning another championship at the Cardinals' home field. he said he would probably "do a victory lap."

It sounds like a little bit of sour grapes, but at this point, it doesn't matter. The Cardinals likely don't regret letting him go.

Will it matter to you if he does a victory lap at University of Phoenix Stadium?