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Super Bowl 2015: Which Arizona Cardinals have been to the big game?

A few of the Cardinals have had experience being in the biggest game of all.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Super Bowl Week means looking at any way to connect your team to the bug game. We looked at the two players who once were Arizona Cardinals and now are going to play this weekend for a championship ring.

Now let's look at the Arizona Cardinals roster and who has "been there" before.

The Cardinals have a few players left from their 2008 Super Bowl run. Those players still on the roster are receiver Larry Fitzgerald, defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, center Lyle Sendlein and defensive end Calais Campbell.

Of course, we know about Fitz' contribution in the big game. He caught the pass and ran to the end zone to give the Cardinals the lead late in the game, giving fans the hope the Cardinals would win it all.

Dockett had a big game with three sacks of Ben Roethlisberger, but it was the miss in the final drive that was heartbreaking.

Sendlein started at center that season.

Campbell was just a rookie. He had a tackle.

Those aren't the only players to play in the Super Bowl.

Linebacker Larry Foote played in three Super Bowls with the Steelers. He was a starter on the two championship teams after the 2005 and 2008 seasons. He was back in Pittsburgh as a backup when the Steelers lost to the Packers. He had five tackles when the Steelers beat the Seahawks. He had two tackles against the Cardinals. He did not amass any stats in the Steelers' loss to the Packers following the 2010 season.

One other player was on that 2010 Steelers team that was with the Cardinals -- running abck Jonathan Dwyer. He played little in his rookie season. He had nine carries in the regular season finale. For the Super Bowl, he was inactive.

A few Cardinals players just misses a Super Bowl.

Long snapper Mike Leach entered the league with the Titans the year after they lost the big game to the Rams. Safety Rashad Johnson was drafted by the Cardinals months after they lost the Super Bowl.