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Super Bowl 2015 commercials: Brett Farve, Franco Harris, Terrell Owens and Larry Allen to appear in Wix ads

What are the football stars doing after life in the NFL?

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

One reason millions of Americans watch the Super Bowl is to see the new commercials that appear. With as many viewers every year as there are, companies pay a ton of money to get their ads on TV. This year, one company is Wix, a website builder.

Between watching Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, viewers will get to see what NFL greats Franco Harris, Brett Favre, Larry Allen and Terrell Owens are up to now and how Wix helped them do it.



Franco Harris, known for his "Immaculate reception," now organizes "immaculate receptions" for weddings. T.O. makes pies (note the humor his calling his company "T.O's humble pie).

Larry Allen drives a little tiny car and toes things on his own and, of course, Favre has a new company called "Favre and Carve" -- charcuttery.

Does this set of ads do it for you? Will it be one of the best ads of the Super Bowl?