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John Brown gets trophy for touchdown dance

Just more Super Bowl Week hijinks.

Super Bowl Week and the offseason bring a variety of strange topics of conversation, especially on NFL Network, where they talk football all the time. Naturally, there are some less serious talks.

Arizona Cardinals receiver John Brown had five touchdown passes and almost 700 receiving yards, but what has gotten him more attention is the touchdown dance he did after scoring the go-ahead touchdown against the St. Louis Rams.

He was crowned the winner of "Dancing with the Starters," earning a perfect score of 40 on the panel of judges that included former NFL players Lavarr Arrington and Ickey Woods, who is famous for a touchdown dance, too.

They called Brown's dance "electrifying."

They called it "The Freakout Dance," but Brown himself showed up on the set and showed it off again, calling it a couple of things, including the "Doo doo Brown."

He got a trophy presented to him by Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders and then showed off the dance again.

He then talked a little bit of football. Brown's Super Bowl pick is the Patriots, although he knows full well what the Seahawks bring to he table.

He was asked who is the tougher matchup -- Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis. Of course, he has never faced Revis, so he could only say anything about Sherman, who he called the toughest he went against.

You want to see the dance again, right? Here it is. You're welcome.