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NFC Wild Card Game, Cardinals vs. Panthers live blog and fan reactions

Join us in our playoff conversation.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for some playoff football? It is time to sit back and watch your favorite team -- the Arizona Cardinals -- as they take on the Carolina Panthers on the road in the playoffs.

Win or you go home.

Who can win this battle? Are the Panthers playing as well as everyone claims it to be? Will the Cardinals defense return to form? Can Ryan Lindley lead the team to a postseason win?

What are your hopes and fears for this game? Are you more excited or scared? Confident or worried?

React to the game and what is happening in this, your wild card open game thread.


1. Language restrictions are removed for game threads like this. But that is only for game threads. Do not carry the foul language out of the game threads.

2. No personal attacks or trolling. Be respectful to one another, especially if you are a guest to our Cardinals community.

3. Do not request or share online feeds to the game. You will be banned.

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