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Super Bowl 2015 picks and predictions: Writers split between Seahawks, Patriots

The ROTB staff predicts the outcome of Super Bowl XLIX

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It is time for predictions. I asked the ROTB staff to give me their Super Bowl predictions. Will the Seahawks repeat? Can Tom Brady get another ring as the cherry on top of his glorious career? Will it be the aloof and boring Bill Belichick or the overly happy Pete Carroll? We were split. See what we all have to say.

Seth Cox: Seahawks 17, Patriots 14

The unfortunate reality is the Seattle Seahawks are going to be back-to-back Super Bowl champs. I have Seattle winning an extremely close, back-and-forth game 17-14 as the Patriots miss a late kick to tie it. Marshawn Lynch is Super Bowl MVP and the Cardinals continue to have to look up at the champs for another year.

Boo this game.

Jesse Reynolds: Seahawks 24, Patriots 13

The Patriots are the media darling right now with "DeflateGate" and destroying Indy in the AFC game, but they haven't won a Super Bowl since their defense was elite and what are they facing? An elite defense in Seattle.

I see Seattle's defense controlling the Patriots offense and Wilson doing what he does best, making plays with his legs and frustrating defenses.

Alex Mann: Patriots 24, Seahawks 17

I choose New England primarily because of how the Seahawks played Green Bay two weeks ago. They fell behind early, but because of a hobbled Aaron Rodgers and some poor mistakes late in the game, Seattle was able to make the comeback. What will be different this time around will be the play of Tom Brady and the genius of Bill Belichick. Brady is smart with the football, and his receivers won't have a case of the drops. Belichick is always coaching to win, whereas Mike McCarthy was coaching not to lose.

Jess Root: Patriots 23, Seahawks 20

This is a tough call. This is as talented a roster as Tom Brady has had, and if he doesn't get a ring now, he probably never will. Andrew Luck is about to take over the AFC. What this game comes down to is Bill Belichick and his ability to scheme game to game. Green Bay showed you can move the ball on Seattle. New England will do that. It will be close. I predict a game-winning field goal by Stephen Gostkowski in the final minute of a great game.