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NFL playoff schedule: Bengals/Colts, Lions/Cowboys round out Wild Card Weekend

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Saturday games are done. The Carolina Panthers are moving on the the NFC and the Baltimore Ravens are advancing in the AFC. Today we have two games to see.

Game 1: Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts, 1:05 PM Eastern (11:05 AM AZ time) on CBS

Can Andrew Luck grow his legend as a young star? Can Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton get at least one playoff victory? They will have to do it without A.J. Green, who is out with an injury.

Game 2: Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys, 4:40 PM Eastern (2:40 PM AZ time) on FOX

This game features a high-powered offense and a very stout defense. Which will prevail? Can Tony Romo get a win and become more than a late-season joke? Is it possible for a Jerry Jones team to advance in the playoffs?

This is your Sunday open thread. What teams are you hoping win?

Chat about both games here!