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Vote for the play of the game from the Cardinals vs Panthers

In the last game the Cardinals will play in 2014 contained some hope for a win with more than one great Cardinals play.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The offense certainly appeared to be run by a skittish fourth string quarterback (or was a he third sting). And while the entire team played poorly. The Cardinals were in the game for the entire first half and some of the second. Time to choose the most important play.

Justin Bethel punt recovery

It was Panther's punt returned Breton Bersin's fault for moving towards a ball he had no intention of catching. Maybe he was trying to create dramatic effect to scare Bethel. This play was excellent and was a prime example of why Bethel is a pro-bowler on special teams. A smart play that unfolds over one or two seconds and led to the Cards first touchdown.

Fitzgerald's 14 yard catch

Lindleythrew the ball behind Fitz, who basically caught the ball with the Panthers defender. Fitz proceeded to rip the ball away, turn up field and power through another Panther, only to be tackled by all three at the one yard line. With the Cardinals terrible offense last night, I'm not sure without this play the Cardinals score their first touchdown.

Darren Fells 1 yard touchdown

One of the few perfectly executed plays in the game. Fells sneaked to the back of the end zone Lindley drops back, fakes a handoff and throws a smooth pass to a wide open Darren Fells. There will be something catastrophically wrong with Fells if by next season's start he is not the third string TE.

Antonio Cromartie 50 yard interception

Cro played incredibly well last night and this interception was completely from him reading the quarterback while the Panther's wide receiver lost the ball and turned his back to the QB. This made up for the previous pass where Cromatie read the entire play and bulled his way to the ball only to drop it.

Marion Grice 1 yard touchdown

Another practice squad, undrafted player who got hit in the backfield but on this play he was able to keep driving forward and reach across the goal line to get the Cardinals in the lead. Thank goodness for official reviews. It would be his only run of the day.

Sam Acho sack, Rashad Johnson 30 yard fumble recovery

One of the more bizarre plays of the year. Acho hit the ball out of Newton's hands just before Newton was bringing the ball forward for a pass, so Newton then hit the loose ball on his swing propelling it forward to look like a pass. No whistle was called and Johnson was savvy enough to get the ball as several Cardinals ran forward for a block. A third turnover that set up the team to get another easy touchdown to go up effectively 21-13.

This however, is where the team fell apart with 11:48 in the third quarter Lindley threw an interception on the very next play.

Now which play was the best of the game? Vote or comment if yours isn't here.