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Choose who was best in the Cardinals/Panthers player of the game poll

Some of the toughest choices all year in the Cardinals wild card exit

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I spent a lot of time thinking about who I would nominate for player of the game. It's a short list today, so I expect more comments than usual.

Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown and Antonio Cromartie

There's your list. Why?

Larry Fitzgerald

3 cartches on 8 targets for 31 yards. All three catches were highlight worthy because of the terrible passes that were thrown his way. If Fitzgerald had accurate passing he could have presumably had two touchdowns last night. As it was he showed just how physical he can be after the catch and proved, perhaps for the last time in a Cardinalsuniform, that he has another season left in him.

John Brown

Consistency. Four catches for 34 yards. Combined with Fitz and you have 69 yards of offense. Brown is a rookie and will only get better, but of any player on the field that was able to perform with any effectiveness it was John Brown.

Antonio Cromartie

His one year contract was a coup for Steve Keim. He finished with 4 tackles, 2 pass deflections and 50 yard interception. Cromartie is the paragon of preparation on defense, he was watching Newton all game, disrupting passing lanes and hitting wide receivers the minute they caught the ball. When he wasn't trying to catch the ball himself.

Don't agree with my list? Tell us why in the comments.