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NFL Wild Card Sunday playoff results: Complete Sunday coverage and divisional round schedule

Check out recaps, snippets and videos.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts each advanced to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday. We now know the final four in each conference.

In the NFC, we have the Seahawks, Packers, Cowboys and Panthers.

In the AFC, we have the Patriots, Broncos, Ravens and Colts.

This is what the schedule looks like for the divisional round:

Saturday, Jan. 10

AFC Divisional Game 1: (1) New England Patriots vs. (6) Baltimore Ravens, 4:35 p.m.

NFC Divisional Game 1: (1) Seattle Seahawks vs. (4) Carolina Panthers, 8:15 p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 11

NFC Divisional Game 2: (2) Green Bay Packers vs. (3) Dallas Cowboys, 1:05 p.m.

AFC Divisional Game 2: (2) Denver Broncos vs. (4) Indianapolis Colts, 4:40 p.m.

What happened on Sunday? Here is the coverage we had at SB Nation.

Colts 26, Bengals 10

2015 NFL playoff bracket: Colts advance to face Broncos -
Here's the updated playoff bracket after Indy's win over the Bengals.

Bengals vs. Colts final score: 3 things we learned from Indianapolis' second-half domination -
Andrew Luck may be good enough to carry a flawed Colts team a long way in the playoffs.

Colts collide, drop kickoff -

Pacman Jones smushed a cameraman -
Everyone's okay!

Colts RB Boom Herron gets punched in the dick, fumbles -

Mike Nugent's 57-yard field goal predicted by arrow sign -
Mike Nugent's long field goal eked inside the left upright Sunday, just as a prescient fan indicated it would.

Andrew Luck delivers a 36-yard TD dime while being tackled -
The Colts are up by two scores after a big play from Luck and Donte Moncrief.

Andrew Luck gives up on drawing Bengals offsides with 'ohhhhhhhh, stop it' -
On fourth-and-3, with the Colts up 16 and four minutes left, Andrew Luck spent 20 seconds trying to bait the Bengals offsides with no intention of ever snapping it. With a few seconds left, he gave up:

A missive from Brig. Gen. Andrew Luck on the Battle at Lucas Oil -
Brig. Gen. Andrew Luck sent a dispatch to his beloved Martha after defeating the marauding Cincinnati Bengals.

Cowboys 24, Lions 20

Lions vs. Cowboys 2015 results: 3 things we learned from Dallas' 24-20 wild card win -
Tony Romo led a late touchdown drive to cap a dramatic 24-20 win.

Golden Tate scores long TD right after taking massive hit -
He's just fine, thank you.

Watch Matthew Stafford truck through the Cowboys on a 3rd down run -
This CB won't hear the end of it.

Lions drive 99.9 yards against Cowboys -
It's the first 99-yard drive in the playoffs in 12 years -- and it was longer than 99 yards!

Cowboys coach has a sweet calculator folder -

Terrance Williams gets called for pass interference, then outruns Lions for TD -
Terrance Williams just jump-started a Cowboys offense that had been shut down by the Lions in the first half.

Joe Buck just totally jinxed the Cowboys' field goal -
Don't say anything!

Refs announce PI on Cowboys, then withdraw it after complaints -
This was odd.

Chris Christie is amped after Cowboys win -
Get down with your bad self in that orange sweater.

Cowboys rookie makes game-ending sack after terrible fumble -
DeMarcus Lawrence could have been the goat, but he totally redeemed himself.

Refs aside, Jim Caldwell helped the Lions lose to the Cowboys -
Lions fans should be a bit mad at the referees for what happened as they tried to seal a win. They should be just as mad at their coach, though.

Ndamukong Suh cries at podium following loss to Cowboys -
Ndamukong Suh broke down after an emotionally charged game that turned on a controversial decision by the referees.

Even a Cowboys player thinks it was pass interference -
Hey, at least he's owning it.

Coaches and players react to pass interference no-call in Lions-Cowboys game -
Even members of the Cowboys defense said the penalty should have stood as called.