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Arizona Cardinals offseason: Bruce Arians wants everybody back

Just what you want the head coach to say.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals enter the offseason with plenty of questions. But if you ask head coach Bruce Arians, he wants everyone back.

When he addressed the media for the last time on Sunday, he was asked about a lot of different players. Each one, his response was that he hoped he returned.

On Larry Fitzgerald, he said, "I look forward to having him next year." There are questions surrounding his contract and salary cap hit.

The same is the case with Darnell Dockett, who missed this season with a torn ACL. "Oh yeah" was the response when asked if Arians expected him back.

Linebacker Larry Foote, at age 34 might be done with football. Arians still "would love to have Larry back" and also pointed out Foote's "presence will always be felt here," no matter what happens with his future.

Linebacker Daryl Washington is another question for the offseason. Again, Arians said he wants him, but that will be a discussion Arians will have with general manager Steve Keim and team president Michael Bidwill. "He still has a lot of protocols to pass to get reinstated," Arians said. "Obviously, the football player, we would love to have back."

Arians said he would "definitely love" to see cornerback Antonio Cromartie return.

To sum it up, Arians would bring back everyone. Of course, that's what you want the head coach to say. No one can come back anyway until April, so why not act like you want them all?

Obviously, not everyone will be back. In fact, it is possible that not a single player of the ones mentioned will be on the team next season, but now is the time for optimism. Bring them all back and sort things out later. Arians doesn't have to worry about money, anyway.