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Larry Fitzgerald contract: Negotiations reportedly moving forward with Arizona Cardinals

According to Mike Jurecki, things are getting closer.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Fitzgerald's contract is the biggest question looming over the Arizona Cardinals offseason thus far. His $23.6 million salary cap hit for 2015 is something that has to be addressed. After a report saying Fitz himself doesn't expect to return to Arizona, things might be changing for the positive.

Local reporter and radio host Mike Jurecki said on the air on Tuesday, "There has been movement in both parties regarding the Larry Fitzgerald situation."

This is a good start.

Larry is due an $8 million roster bonus in March, which is the catalyst for everything. If they cut him or trade him before the money is due, they can save a lot of money against the cap. But there is more to consider on both sides.

According to Jurecki, team president Michael Bidwill doesn't want Fitz playing anywhere else. However, the coaching staff is ready to move on. Jurecki noted how in training camp, told "by a great source," Fitzgerald was "our fourth option" on offense for the Cardinals behind Andre Ellington. Michael Floyd and John Brown.

So how much do you pay a guy who is not even the second option on the team?

That's not to say he can't be productive. Even as a third or fourth option, head coach Bruce Arians believes Fitz can be an 80-catch player and important part of the offense.

With Bidwill behind keeping him, that will drive the price up a little for the team. At the same time, something to consider with the money Fitz makes is the local endorsements he has. He currently is featured in Visa ads -- a national campaign -- and also local endeavors in University of Phoenix and Desert Schools Federal Credit Union. As Jurecki noted on the show on Tuesday, "he goes somewhere else, he might not have those endorsements."

"Today it's looking pretty good because of what (Fitzgerald) has here," Jurecki said, explaining what he has heard from people he knows familiar with the situation. "He realizes that his career is better in Arizona than anywhere else."

For most Arizona Cardinals fans, that is great news to hear. After mostly doom and gloom speculation, this is the first thing about the contract situation that feels positive.