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ROTB Roundtable: Biggest "Need", Players to Cut, and Season Motto

Unfortunately, the Cardinals' 2014 campaign came to a close last Sunday.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

However, unlike the team's season (which ended in the wildcard), the Roundtable continues on into the off-season!

And like always, don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Going into the off-season, what is the team's biggest "need"?

BigRedBilly: The biggest need is building a solid foundation for the offense, and that means improving the offensive line and the running game -- plain and simple.  And no, I'm not a coach, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Jesse Reynolds: I would say the team's biggest need is a true pass rush threat. With the likely loss of Bowles, the defense needs some more traditional pieces.

Jason Mulkey: There are a lot of issues they need to address in the offseason, but clearly the biggest need to me is for everyone to just get healthy again, and start over fresh next season.

Robert Norman: Linebacker. The best linebacker was 34 year old, Larry Foote, who's 1 year contract is up and may actually be signed away in FA just like Karlos Dansby last year. The other team inside linebackers? Kevin Minter, Kenny Demens, Glenn Carson. Young guys, but none inspire like Washington did.

The team's pass rush was poor with Matt Shaughnessy and John Abraham injured for much if not all season. While Sam Acho and Alex Okafor both only ever appeared to be average.

Jess Root: There are needs everywhere, but I would say a good edge rusher is number one. When the defense played their best ball, they were getting to the QB. That's what they need.

2) If you could cut three players right now, who would they be?

BigRedBilly: That's easy:  Ted Ginn, Drew Butler and Ryan Lindley.

Jesse Reynolds: Ted Ginn Jr., Drew Butler and...? Not sure but those two for sure.

Jason Mulkey: The three players I would cut right now would have to be Ted Ginn Jr. Drew Butler, and Ryan Lindley.

Robert Norman: Rob Housler -- highest paid tight end, somehow less impressive than 28 year old Darren Fells.

Drew Butler - His inconsistent punting was bad all season, not just against Carolina, while Zastudil is getting old the team showed with Catanzaro a rookie isn't always a bad thing.

Zach Bauman -- There is a glut of young small running backs. The Cards need to focus on getting a power runner and Kerwynn Williams and Marion Grice showed more potential over the season. At the very least sign Bauman back to the practice squad if possible in the future.

Jess Root: John Carlson, Ted Ginn and Drew Butler. Guys like Housler and Lindley are going to be free agents. No need to cut them. However, Butler was pretty average overall. I could see him coming back as the camp punter.

3) What would the Cardinals 2014 season motto be?

BigRedBilly: "Team Health is what it takes!"

Jesse Reynolds: Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Until it kills you in embarrassing fashion in the post season. Kind of long but it fits!

Jason Mulkey: "Running on Empty" meaning they just simply ran out of gas at the end.

Robert Norman: "Next man up." I hate this phrase, it's coach-speak, meaningless drivel to fill airwaves. Except this year the Cardinals completely proved me wrong. The organization proved it's roster from top to bottom was able to compete with starting players from across the NFL.

Forget about the playoff game. The Cardinals were the most impressive team this entire season and the motto sums it up.

Jess Root: Just like the month of March -- "In like a lion, out like a lamb."