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Adrian Wilson on Larry Fitzgerald: 'I just don't feel he'll go anywhere else'

The former Cardinal gives his thoughts on Larry Fitzgerald's contract situation.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There have been a few article and posts already this offseason about the Arizona Cardinals and what they will do with Larry Fitzgerald's contract. There has been a report he doesn't expect to return. Head coach Bruce Arians feels he can still be an important piece of the offense, but not at the level he was a few years ago. Then there was a report teh two sides are getting closer on a potential new contract for the veteran receiver.

Now we have a former Cardinals teammate giving his thoughts.

Former Cardinals great Adrian Wilson was in the studio on Monday with Jody Oehler and Mike Jurecki on Fox Sports Radio 910, and, among a myriad of topics, he spoke about Fitz and the contract situation.

Wilson is very familiar with having to take a pay cut. He took three as a Cardinal, redoing his deal. Once was to free up money to redo Anquan Boldin's contract, which didn't happen, and another was his final year with the team in 2012.

Wilson does not think Larry will end up anywhere but Arizona and he doesn't believe he is terribly concerned about the money itself.

"Larry's not going to be in the media," Wilson explained about 28 minutes into the segment. "He's not going to talk about his contract. He's probably in Peru somewhere right now.

"He's not the guy to be worried about what type of number he's going to end up with as far as money is concerned. Hes probably been paid $120 million or so, so it's not about money at this point for him. It's probably about winning. It's probably being about staying a Cardinal, I feel."

Wilson even said something that would shock the football world -- whether it is what Fitz would really do or if it was simply hyperbole to demonstrate how highly Wilson considers his former teammate's character.

"I don't feel he'll go anywhere else and play," Wilson said. "I just feel like if they can't get it done, he'll retire. I have that much faith in how Larry is as a person and how loyal he is as a person."

Of course, Wilson also said he believes Fitz, with what he has accomplished in his career, already has a first ballot Hall of Fame selection "in pocket."

Wilson said it is a tough thing for players to balance their career and their legacy as a player. He said "Larry's fighting legacy vs. career."

Fitz "needs to work on that (salary cap) number" so the team has cap space to get better. That would be part of his legacy.

Taking a pay cut and/or adding salary cap relief to help the team be in a better position to compete for a championship, "would be the cherry on top of everything else he has already done."

Do you agree? Do you think there is really zero chance Fitz will play anywhere else?