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New Bears GM Ryan Pace in on Todd Bowles interview

It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it might.

Handout/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears made a decision on their new general manager, hiring New Orleans Saint player personnel director Ryan Pace. He wasted no time at all as he sat in on the head coaching interview the team had with Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Bowles met with the Bears on Thursday after his interview schedule was rearranged. Originally he was set to speak with the Falcons on Thursday, but the death and funeral of the mother of owner Arthur Blank pushed it back. The Bears moved their interview up from Saturday to Thursday.

What is the significance of Pace being in on the interview?

Well, it will at least give the appearance he is a serious candidate for the job.

Chicago wanted to have a GM in place before hiring a head coach, assuredly because they want the GM and coach to be on the same page philosophically.

It doesn't really mean anything right now, as the Bears continue to interview candidates. But having the new GM there in the interview certainly makes it more likely Bowles is hired than not.