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Keep playing fantasy football with FanDuel, get 100% deposit bonus during divisional round of NFL playoffs

Keep your fantasy itch scratched even in the postseason.

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The Arizona Cardinals are out and the traditional fantasy football season is done. That doesn't mean you can't still play fantasy football, giving you an extra reason to watch the NFL playoffs.

You can join our SB Nation FanDuel league for the weekend. It is $5 to enter and you try to put together the best team you can using the $60,000 salary cap. First place gets 100 bucks and a total of $1000 will be given out in prizes.

So why not join and play? Here's the link you need.

Obviously the top players will cost more, so maybe you can try and find value.

Let's look at the weekend matchups:

Ravens at Patriots: Either quarterback could be a good choice. Justin Forsett might be a good value. He is number five on the list for cost at the position and his production has been good. Jacoby Jones is super cheap. You could  go bold and see if you get a special teams touchdown from him.

Panthers at Seahawks: The obvious choice should be the Seattle defense. Carolina did all they could to lose to a Cardinals team that played very poorly. Seattle should have a field day. Russell Wilson always is a threat with his arm and legs to make plays. Marshawn Lynch is pricey, but he is reliable.

Cowboys at Packers: For my money, I think this is the best game to pick players from, even if they cost a little more. I have a hunch both teams will move up and down the field, as neither defense is particularly stout.

Colts at Broncos: Another game with great offenses. Any Denver player is a fun choice, as Indy is really kind of below average as a team, outside of having a special QB in Andrew Luck.

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