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Arizona Cardinals have top odds to make Super Bowl after 3-0 start

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This is stuff for the fans.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians says the locker room for the team is focused. There is talk about how good they are and how they might be the best team in  the league, but that isn't what the players are focused on. "The best thing our players do right now is go day to day and let everybody outside of this room talk about the other crap, December and January, and all the stats," Arians told reporters the other day. "We just go to work every day, and if we stay that way, we will be all right."

On that note, it is time for people  not in that locker room to talk some of the numbers. And those numbers are great for the Cardinals.

According to numberFire, the Cardinals' play has catapulted them to the top of their power rankings and make them the most likely team in the league to make the Super Bowl.

Using their projections and formulas, Arizona is projected to finish 12-4 on the season, They are given more than a 96 percent chance of making the playoffs. That is the highest likelihood in the league. They are given an 87-percent chance of winning the division.

However, the most interesting stat is they are given the best odds to make it to the Super Bowl. They are given a 24-percent chance. The next highest on the list is Green Bay, who is given a 14.5-percent chance.

They grade out highly on offense and on defense. As of right now, they score almost 65 points higher than an average offense would under similar circumstances. The defense has prevented 33 more points above the average defense in similar situations. And, to top it off, their expected point differential is more than 12 a game, the highest in the league.

We see the Cardinals are good. Some of the numbers support it.

IT's good to be a Cardinals fan right now.