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2015 NFL Week 5 TV coverage map

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What games will air in your area?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We bring you Week 5 of the NFL season. There are some solid matchups and some games that don't appear to be quite so interesting. Would you like to know which games will be on for you? Here is your TV coverage map, based on the information from 506 Sports.

Today there are two CBS games and one FOX game.

CBS Early games

Because of a local home game airing on FOX, no game will air on CBS in the markets of Kansas City, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

Jaguars/Buccaneers will be aired in most of Florida (not in Miami or West Palm Beach) and in bordering or coastal areas in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

Browns/Ravens can be seen in a small pocket of Texas east of Dallas and north of Houston, a couple of areas in Indiana bordering Ohio, most of Ohio, most of Pennsylvania, part of Kentucky, almost all Virginia and in West Virginia, Maryland and DC.

Bills/Titans will air in most of Oregon and in small bordering areas of Washington and California, in the Houston area, in West Palm Beach, most of Tennessee and in bordering areas in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky. It also will air in the Northeast, from New York City and the north border of Pennsylvania all the way up through Maine.

Rams/Packers will be on for the rest of the country.

CBS Late games

Broncos/Raiders will be on TV in northern California and in San Diego, in Yuma and the northeast corner of Arizona, parts of Oregon, most of new Mexico, most of Idaho and Montana and in all of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. It is also on in almost all North Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky. Bordering areas in Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky will also have the game.

The rest of the country gets Patriots/Cowboys.

FOX Single Game

The only late game on FOX will be Cardinals/Lions. in will air in almost all Arizona, a small border area of California near Yuma, most of Wisconsin, all Michigan and then in specific markets -- Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Baltimore, St. Louis, Nashville, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay.

Saints/Eagles can be seen in all of Mississippi and Louisiana, the eastern border and Houston in Texas, most of Arkansas, parts of Kentucky and Alabama, the western-most part of the Florida panhandle, in most of Pennsylvania an a small bordering area in New York.

Bears/Chiefs will air in Minnesota, North Dakota and the bordering area of Montana, most of South Dakota, most of Nebraska, all but a small corner of Kansas, the western border of Wisconsin, all of Iowa, most of Missouri, most of Illinois, most of Indiana and in parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Redskins/Falcons can be seen in almost all Texas, part of Oklahoma, bordering areas in New Mexico, in and around Albany, parts of Florida, much of Alabama, most of Georgia, all of North and South Carolina, part of Kentucky, almost all Virginia and in parts of Maryland.

The rest of the country will see Seahawks/Bengals