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Arizona Cardinals will play in Super Bowl 50 based on one stat

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The point differential they have is the key.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have talked about how they have the expectations of playing in the Super Bowl this year. They have talked about it since the offseason. Through five games of the season, they are playing very well and have caught the attention of many in the media.

At 4-1, many believe in the team, but there is a stat we can point to that says one thing very clearly -- the Cardinals should be in this year's Super Bowl.

The stat is point differential.

Through five games this season, Arizona is +100. They have scored 100 points more than their opponents. It is only the seventh time since 1975 a team has had that large a differential through fives games.

But this is the kicker.

Before this season, there have been six teams to have a point differential of at least 100 points through five games. All six made it to the Super Bowl and four of them won it. One of the teams that lost it was the 2007 Patriots, who were 16-0 in the regular season.

Every single team made it to the Super Bowl.

It can be said the Cardinals have not really played anyone very good. But the way they win tells you the type of team the Cardinals are. They have blown those teams out.

Obviously there is a lot of season left to be played, but it is good to see the Cardinals are doing something no other team has done without getting to the big game.