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Tyrann Mathieu talks style, cars, music, more

Get to know the Cardinals star off the field.

Tyrann Mathieu is having a "savage season" so far. He has bee impactful on the field and healthy. This post about off the field stuff for Mathieu. CBS Local sports put together a pair of videos about it.

He talks about how he got his nickname in college, when he started playing football and more. He wanted to be a garbage man!

He shows off his trophy wall and talks about his fashion. He can't do without his sweaters, "no matter how hot it is in Arizona." Yes, he wears a $500 sweater.

His car love is his Camaro. The only reason he would give it up is if he gets his Bentley. He also talks about hos former Saints receiver Joe Horn was his football hero growing up.

In the other video, he talks about his pregame playlist. None of it is anything I would personally listen to, but I know tons of people would.

Have a watch and comment away.