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Thursday Night Football, Falcons vs. Saints picks, live game reactions

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Can the Saints pull off an upset?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday Night Football is back and this time it is an NFC South battle -- a surprising 5-0 Atlanta Falcons team and a terrible New Orleans Saints. The thing is, though, it wouldn't be a surprise if the Saints won. Historically they are great at home, although they are only 4-6 in their last six games at home, and there are plenty of people who don't really think the Falcons are that great.

So here we are. As a rooting interest, we should want the Saints to win. If the Saints somehow get on a roll, the Cardinals would already hold a tiebreak over them and the Falcons right now are ahead of the Cardinals in playoff seeding (I guess it's not too early to think about that). So...go Saints!

In terms of picking against the spread, The Falcons are favored by three points. I don't trust the Saints, especially with Julio Jones playing. Plus, Matt Ryan is 14-9-1 against the spread when favored on the road. I'll give up the points and take the Falcons.

As for staff picks:

Jess Root: Falcons
Tyler Derby: Falcons
Robert Norman: Saints
Shaun Church: Falcons
Jesse Reynolds: Falcons
Alex Mann: Saints
Seth Cox: Falcons
Randy Fields: Falcons
Kent Hodder: Falcons
Skii: Falcons
Delilah: Falcons

9-2 in favor of the Falcons.

This is your open thread. Use it and talk about the game.