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Cardinals vs. Steelers preview: A look at Pittsburgh with some PFF info

A look at the Steelers, using some of the metrics PFF offers.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road this week. Let's learn a little bit more about them. Pro Football Focus shares some information with the media to preview games. Here is that and a little more.

If Michael Vick plays quarterback for the Steelers this weekend, he is not a particularly efficient passer. PFF's "accuracy percentage" is only 70.9 percent, which ranks him 26 of 36 QBs in the league. However, with the way the Cardinals tend to play defense, Vick might make things tough. Arizona loves to blitz and Vick has been good against it. His passer rating when blitzed is 130.8. When he is not, it is only 76.4.

The Pittsburgh offensive line grades out highly -- except for one player, who is apparently the missing link. Center Cody Wallace, starting because Maurkice Pouncey is out with an ankle injury, has a very low -14.1 grade on the season. His pass protection is -2.6 and his run blocking is a putrid -10.1. The next lowest overall grade is David DeCastro, who grades out at -0.1 on the season, but +4.7 in pass blocking. Everyone else has positive grades.

Defensively, a couple of players stand out.

Defensive end Cameron Heyward is the fifth-highest rated 3-4 in pass rushing productivity, disrupting the QB once every 8.8 pass rushes. Thus far on the season, he has two sacks, three hits and 15 hurries.

Linebacker James Harrison is the second-highest graded defensive player and has 19 total QB disruptions. He gets pressure 20 percent of the time he rushes the passer.