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Cardinals vs. Steelers picks and predictions: Can you guess the final score of the game on Sunday?

Time to see how good you are at making predictions?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Yes, it is that time again. It is time to get ready for the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers playing one another this weekend at Heinz Field. What will happen? We hope it is a Cardinals win.

Last week, we had a huge win. I predicted a 30-13 Cardinals win last week in Detroit. We got a 42-17 laugher. But this week they face a team that got a touchdown on the last play of the game to beat the Chargers on the road on Monday Night Football. They face running back Le'Veon Bell, who might be the best running back in the game.

Receiver Antonio Brown might the best in the game at his position, too.

However, it will likely be with backup quarterback Michael Vick running the show offensively, although Ben Roethlisberger did start practicing this week.

Knowing that, make your pick with the widget below. You can see your prediction, the average score prediction for other fans on our site. You will also see score picks from Vegas and from our sister site for the Steelers, Behind the Steel Curtain.

Make your pick and share your prediction in the comments. Who will be the best? In pregame comments from last week's game, it was hadrarius, who predicted 35-17, and hevchv, who picked 38-13, who were the closest to the real score. Good work!