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Key match-ups for the Cardinals vs. Steelers

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What are the important match-ups in today's game?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest news is Ben Roeslisberger is still out and will not plan today. The crazy idea is that the Steelers still are a difficult team and the key matchups don't really change with Michael Vick playing. Let's break it down:

Chris Johnson, Cards offensive line vs. Steelers defensive line

We all know how good a strong run defense is towards winning because the Cardinals have been great against the run. Unfortunately, the Steelers are just as good and the winner will most likely be whoever can run the ball better.

Le'Veon Bell vs. Kevin Minter

Bell averages 4.9 yards per rushing attempt which means it's linebackers who have to tackle him usually. Minter is arguably the best linebacker on the team and is by far the best linebacker at stopping the run. If the Cardinals are going to stop Bell it will be dependent on Minter recognizing the run plays and stopping Bell in the holes.

Antonio Brown vs. Patrick Peterson

Brown is one of six wide receivers who is having a better season than Larry Fitzgerald. Keep in mind his production has dropped considerably with Big Ben injured, but the talent is still there. Peterson has been great this year with his health at 100% and he needs to continue shutting down the opponents number one receiver.

The Blitz vs. Micheal Vick

The teams best pass rusher, Alex Okafor, is out and frankly he might just be above average. If the Cardinals want to win this game they need to continue getting pressure on Vick and making him uncomfortable. I know Vick isn't the best, but he is a decent backup and if we know anything it's that a decent backup can still win games.

What match-ups are you planning on watching tomorrow.