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2016 Madden Simulation: Cardinals battle Pittsburgh

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The Arizona Cardinals do battle on Madden in our weekly Simulation.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are looking for their second straight victory this week, going against Bruce Arians former team in Pittsburgh. In the real world it's a big deal, and a game the Cardinals are hoping they can steal for their head coach. In the Madden world. it's just another game.

After several simulations, five in total, Madden has decided who the potential victor is.

The winner? The Arizona Cardinals.

In four of the five simulations, the Cardinals won close games. The outcomes were 24-20, 24-17, and 21-14.

In the fifth game it was a blowout by the Steelers, The Cardinals only managed 14 points, whereas Pittsburgh put up 45 on the Cardinals.

In all five games the Cardinals put up 300 passing yards, with at least two passing scores in all of them. The rushing attack was yet again excellent, as they topped 100 yards in all five games. Chris Johnson lead the team in every game.

Michael Vick was a non factor in all five simulations, but Leveon Bell was superb. He totaled 150 yards once, 110 yards twice, and at least 100 yards the last two simulations. He scored in every game.

Can the Cardinals win today? Madden believes so!