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Reading between the lines of the Daryl Washington nothingness

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We should assume he didn't do everything he needed to.

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The question has been asked so many times of the media here in town who cover the Arizona Cardinals. What is up with Daryl Washington?

While there is nothing new, I felt it worth reading between a few lines to essentially answer questions that have not been explicitly answered.

The basic message -- Daryl Washington didn't do what he needed to do to be reinstated.

We know he was eligible to be reinstated May 31. We were told he applied for reinstatement May 8. We understand the policy to have everything in place to allow for a ruling within 60 days of the reinstatement application.

After that, we know nothing. Nothing has come from the team. The league has said there has been no change and nothing has come from Washington's camp.

Why don't we know anything?

The league doesn't announce whether an application has been denied. The announcement only comes with reinstatement. No news is not good news on that front.

When Bruce Arians was on Arizona Sports 98.7 with Dan Bickley and Vince Marotta in August, when asked about Washington, his response was standard -- "The league has not changed their stance at all."

Bickley then followed up with the question, "If the NFL isn't changing their stance, that tells you something, doesn't it?"

Arians' response? "Yeah." He even said there isn't any frustration with the situation because that's how it works. It is as if he were out for the year with a torn ACL.

Plus, with reporter Mike Jurecki saying he has heard the Cardinals are looking to recoup some of the signing bonus the team paid to Washington, there really can be one thing to be understood. Arizona knows Washington is not coming back this year and the team is trying to make it possible too release him without the salary cap implications.

Cardinals fans, at this point, there is no need to ask about Daryl Washington. He isn't coming back this year and it is beginning to look like he never will with the Cardinals.