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Cardinals vs. Rams picks and predictions: What will Sunday's final score be?

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Time to see if you are the best at making score predictions.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It is Friday afternoon. That means it is prediction time. Based on the first three weeks of the season, the craziest predictions are the best. Arizona beat the Chicago Bears 48-23 and then hammered the San Francisco 49ers 47-7. Those win came after a "nail-biting" 31-19 win over the Saints.

So what will happen this week? The St. Louis Rams come to town. After a 34-31 win over the Seattle Seahawks, they have managed only 16 points since then. The offense has less touchdowns (4) than Larry Fitzgerald has himself (5).

So use the widget below to make your score prediction. I predicted 30-19 last week. People over at Niners Nation thought I was crazy. I guess I was to think the Niners could put up 19 points (BURNNN!!).

Make your prediction and share in the comments.

Mine? I'm going 31-9, after an early struggle. What do you think it will be?