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2015 week 6 NFL power rankings: Panthers, Falcons trade spots, Packers still reign supreme

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A week of upsets and overtimes make a mess of the rankings.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

1) Green Bay Packers

Phillip Rivers threw 43 completions for 503 yards for 2 touchdowns and no interceptions while Aaron Rodgers threw 16 completions for 255 yards and two touchdowns. Guess who won? The Packers are winning even when Rodgers has a bad game. James Starks averaged 11.9 yards per carry and finished 10 carries for 112 yards and a touchdown. The Packers has a defense that is playing stingy and stopping opponents when necessary, if they played the Patriots right now, I'm not sure who would win, but we put them here last week and did nothing to move them down a spot.

2) New England Patriots

I've long believed the Colts are overrated due to the playing in the AFC South color me impressed after their play in the first half, but the Patriots are like the Packers in being a more complete team both on offense and defense. The Patriots have an impressive running back in LaGarrette Blount and their defense can hang with the best.

3) Cincinatti Bengals

Remember all those positive words about the Cardinals having a ton of offensive weapons. Well, the Bengals have just as many, but have yet to play beneath that talent. This week A.J. Green was contained and Dalton just used Marvin Jones to tear them apart. Oh yeah, and they actually have players who can get sacks like Carlos Dunlap. The only games they'll lost will be nail biters.

4) Carolina Panthers

The Battle of the Tight Ends. Greg Olsen and Jimmy Graham both finished with 131 yards and 140 yards respectively. It wasn't a pretty game, but anytime you walk out of Seattle with a win you are a legitimate contender. Now, can someone explain why people are even thinking Cam Newton should be a MVP candidate?

5) Denver Broncos

I think the Broncos want someone to beat them. That or they are trolling the entire NFL. The worst 6-0 team in the NFL continued their streak in a crazy OT win. The downside is that Emmanuel Sanders has an ACL injury, so I expect they won't continue the win streak.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers

Yeah, I did it. I can't in good conscious put the Cardinals above a team that just won without their starting quarterback. The Steelers have pushed themselves to 4-2 with Big Ben out and when he comes back they may give the Bengals a run for their money.

7) Atlanta Falcons

They lost to the Saints, but the Saints were getting flack with Drew Brees injured. Also, division foe is always a tough game. Atlanta still has Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman and Matt Ryan. I expect the defense to bounce back with a vengeance and punish the Titans next week.

8) Arizona Cardinals

Even after a terrible game, the Cardinals still are a top 10 team solely because they looked great in the first half shutting down the Steelers offense and moving the ball, though failing to score. Really this is more of a reflection of just how jumbled the remainder of the NFL standings currently look. If the Cardinals want to win the NFC West then it's time to start beating good teams. By the way, I don't include Baltimore in that category.

9) New York Jets

I wish Todd Bowles had turned down the Jets job just long enough for us to win a Super Bowl. After a poor first half against an enigmatic Washington team, the team came out dominated just like the Steelers did against us. For all the talk of Rex Ryan's Bills challenging the Patriots, we may have all overlooked the Jets.

10) Indianapolis Colts

Can everyone settle down. Yes, I think the Colts have been overrated the past few seasons, but they went into the first half winning 21-20 against the Patriots. While they lost to the Bills, but having film on a team makes a large difference. With Luck coming back from his injury I'm giving them a game or two to get on track.

Also, can we stop with the Chuck Pagano needs to be fired talk? He won with Matt Hasselback for goodness sake. What more do you need?

Here's the remaining teams:

11) Buffalo Bills - A coin toss with the Colts for their ranking.. metaphorically.

12) Philadelphia Eagles - I'm still unsure why Sam Bradford is supposedly better than Nick Foles.

13) New York Giants - Consistency. They have none.

14) Seattle Seahawks - This is where they turn it around, right? I know, I know, just go look at their schedule.

15) Minnesota Vikings - Kansas City isn't exactly a powerhouse this year.

16) San Diego Chargers

17) St. Louis Rams

18) Dallas Cowboys

19) Chicago Bears

20) Cleveland Browns

21) Oakland Raiders

22) New Orleans Saints

23) Washington Redskins

24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25) Houston Texans

26) San Francisco 49ers

27) Baltimore Ravens

28) Kansas City Chiefs

29) Miami Dolphins

30) Tennessee Titans

31) Detroit Lions

32) Jacksonville Jaguars