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Podcast: Do good teams beat themselves? Talking Arizona Cardinals after a loss

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Seth and Jess talk about the loss and whether the Cardinals have anything to worry about.

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After second frustrating loss in a game the Arizona Cardinals should have won, falling 25-13 to the Pittsburgh Steelers, it was time for another All-Cardinals show on Revenge of the Birds Radio.

Seth and I talked about the things that stood out in the loss.

  • Did the Cardinals beat themselves, and if they did, do good teams do that?
  • How could the Cards actually lose to Landry Jones?
  • Is James Bettcher not making defensive adjustments as well as the team is used to?
  • What is up with the offensive line and the running game?
  • Who played well, who didn't?
  • They Cards are in control at 4-2, but they should be 6-0.
  • Which NFC West team do the Cardinals have to worry about? Is it the Seahawks, or is it the Rams, who ver well could rattle off several wins in a row.
  • What should we look ahead for in the Monday Night Football game against the Ravens? Should they bounce back?

Listen to the show using the streaming player above or below. You can also download the file to listen to later.