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With Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin, St. Louis Rams have scary offense

Luckily Jared Cook is still there.

The Arizona Cardinals saw it when they lost to the St. Louis Rams at University of Phoenix Stadium. Running back Todd Gurley adds an interesting and dangerous wrinkle to their offense. His size and speed, combined with the speed of Tavon Austin, who finally is developing into a real offensive threat, as opposed to an offensive gimmick player, and the Rams now have a scary offense to go with their physical, scary defense.

Battle Red Blog's Brett Kollmann did a film review of the Rams offense with addition of Gurley. It is impressive.

It is as if this was just what they have needed. Of course, they seem to be held back by Jared Cook. It appears to be an offense Nick Foles can thrive in.

We saw how easy it is for a defense to overplay and try to do too much. The offense is designed to gain a few yards every play. If you get of your gap to try and stop it even shorter, it can turn into a big play.

We already know the Rams defense is stout. If the offense can run the way it should, they might just become the dark horse of the NFC West.