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Bruce Arians: Despite great early stats, Carson Palmer hasn't quite played up to expectations

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But that is apparently because he has really high expectations.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Palmer is having a fine season thus far in 2015. In six games, he has thrown for over 1700 yards, 14 touchdowns and five interceptions. His passer rating is 106.7. He has set a team record for touchdown passes in the first six games of the year. But according to Bruce Arians, he not played up to expectations.

When Arians was on a conference call with the Baltimore media on Wednesday, he was asked if Palmer's performance this season was what he anticipated, or if the starter has exceeded expectations. Arians responded saying Palmer's play has been "not quite as high" as he has expected.

"We've had a couple games where we [entered the] red zone and didn't finish - the last drive to win the St. Louis game that we're accustomed to winning," he said. "I thought the rest of the stuff, where he is statistically, I anticipated that. But for us not to finish two balls games with the ball in our hands is unusual."

Translation -- Palmer's numbers look good and we expected that, but he failed us late in a couple of games, so he hasn't been perfect. I really want perfect.

Arians isn't wrong. Palmer simply missed key throws against the Rams. He threw an inexcusable interception against the Steelers and also misfired to a wide open John Brown in the end zone. He hasn't been perfect.

Arians expects him to make the plays the team needs to win ball games. Twice he has been in position and twice he hasn't been able to.

Of course, it is Palmer's that has, in part, led to a 4-2 start. So it isn't all bad.

Clearly Arians has very high expectations of Palmer. The team and the fans do as well. Hopefully he can get over the hump of close games this season and show like he did the previous two seasons he can make those plays when the team needs them most.