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Arizona Cardinals stat projections through six games

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Let's look at some projected numbers based on the first six games of the season.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have had a very good statistical start to the 2015 season so far, especially offensively. Through six games, let's see where some of the key players are projected to be at the end of the year.

Quarterback Carson Palmer has 1737 passing yards, 14 touchdowns and five interceptions. If he keeps that pace up, he will end up with over 4600 passing yards, 37 touchdowns and 13 picks.

Running back Chris Johnson has 445 rushing yards and two touchdowns. That projects to 1186 yards on the ground and five scores.

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who has 43 receptions for 583 yards and six TDs is now projected for 115 catches, 1555 yards and 16 TDs.

After a big Week 6, receiver John Brown is on pace for 88 receptions, 1325 yards and five TDs.

Can you imagine a 4500+ yard passer, two receivers with over 1300 receiving yards and a back with over 1100 yards rushing? That might happen.

It would most certainly be the most impressive offensive I ave ever seen.