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Thursday Night Football, Seahawks vs. 49ers picks, live blog and reactions

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Can both teams lose?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

This week's Thursday Night Football matchup has two teams the Arizona Cardinals care to see lose. The Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers -- both 2-4 so far this season -- face one another. Seattle has lost two in a row and already has a loss in the division. The 49ers are coming off a victory.

As a Cardinals fan, it would be great if both lost the game. However, without that option, the best one has the 49ers winning, as most will say they aren't really a threat. Seattle still scares many fans (including myself) because they have had fourth quarter leads in the games they have lost. You always have to wonder in the back of your mind if they will get hot again late in the season, when they play the Cardinals both times this season.

Who are you rooting for?

As for picking the game, this is what the ROTB staff believes:

Jess Root: Seahawks
Tyler Derby: Seahawks
Seth Cox: Seahawks
Shaun Church: Seahawks
Randy Fields: 49ers
Michael Ferguson: Seahawks
Kent Hodder: Seahawks
Robert Norman: Seahawks
Skii: Seahawks

That's almost unanimous. If it were unanimous, I would feel there would be a chance to see the Niners win.

Anyway, this is your open thread. Use it to talk trash about the two hated teams -- just not to actual fans.

The game will be on CBS and NFL Network. Enjoy (or not).