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Arizona Cardinals aren't only team to face weaker teams, but narrative doesn't necessarily change

But perhaps the narrative doesn't change.

The Arizona Cardinals have gotten off to a great start this season, but there has been one nagging narrative going around -- even though they are 4-2, the haven't played anybody.

I first heard some of these numbers on the radio the other day, but on local sports radio in Phoenix on Thursday, radio personality Doug Franz was hitting the numbers pretty hard to show the Cardinals aren't the only team to have played weaker teams.

Mike Jurecki tweeted the records out:

As it turns out, the teams with the best records in the league all have played cupcakes. But it is the Cardinals who haven't played anyone.

Now, that narrative isn't necessarily untrue. While the Cardinals have played a little tougher competition, if you break down the records of whom the Cards have beaten and who has defeated them, you can see why people bring up the strength of schedule. Arizona's four wins come against teams who are a combined 7-16. Their two losses come to teams who are a combined 6-5.

Arizona has beat up weaker competition, but has not looked as good against teams with at least a pulse left for the season.

So when people bring up overall records, Cardinals fans definitely have some ground to stand on -- no one who is good really has played anyone really good. Just realize that the story remains the same -- so far this season, the Cardinals have not played well against even average competition.