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Cardinals vs. Ravens picks and predictions: What will be the final score for Monday Night Football?

Make your score prediction.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the game last Sunday didn't go as most of us predicted. The scores we saw in the comments were all Cardinals wins. The Cardinals should have won. They faced a Steelers team who were without two starting offensive linemen, several defensive starters and Landry Jones was playing quarterback.

So the Cardinals took the loss, but now we look forward to a home game on Monday Night Football against the 1-5 Baltimore Ravens. Will the Cards get better and feast on another team who has not played all that well this season? After all, Baltomore even lost to the San Francisco 49ers.

Now is the time to make your score prediction for the game on Monday night. When you do make your prediction, share it in the comment section below. Will it be another blowout, or will the Cardinals finally win a close game?

You will notice our community is rather "homerish." We pick scores that are very different than the spread.

But use the widget. See what others in the community are predicting. See what opposing fans are predicting.