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NFL Week 7 open thread for all games

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Yes, this is lazy.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals don't play, but Cardinals fans have the opportunity to watch five games. The London game is on Yahoo. Then there are the three regular games on TV, plus Sunday Night Football.

For local Cardinals fans living in the Phoenix area, you can watch Bills/Jaguars on the Internet, Jets/Patriots on CBS in the morning, Saints/Colts in the morning on FOX, Cowboys/Giants in the afternoon on FOX and then the Sunday night game on NBC between the Eagles and Panthers.

This will serve as your open thread for all the games. Chatter away about everything you see.

Who are your rooting interests today? Since the Niners and Seahawks already played, only the Rams play today win the division. The Packers have a bye. It should be a pretty relaxing Sunday.

Happy footballing.